12 Things about the FAITH Colleges campus

Here are a dozen facts that you need to know about FAITH Colleges.FAITH Colleges is dubbed as the Garden Campus of Batangas. Apart from its numerous gardens and promenade, the campus features wide open spaces and a football field. 

FAITH Colleges sits on a sprawling six-hectare campus in the heart of the city of Tanauan.

The Tempus is a geodetically engineered sundial.  TEMPUS—the heart of existence—is a sculpture by artist Juan Sajid Imao. The Tempus stands at the center of FAITH’s ASEAN Garden, serving as a constant reminder of the importance of time. Designed to be interactive, the TEMPUS is a modernist rendition of three young individuals carrying a globe with a geodetically engineered sundial on top. An ancient way of telling time, the sundial represents how the world has gone as one community and how far it can still advance if people pursue and work together towards common goals. More importantly, the TEMPUS is an image to help students and visitors to the FAITH campus contemplate on the meaning of their existence and how well they use their time.

The ASEAN Garden contains trees and plant varieties from the Philippines and the different ASEAN member countries. It is interesting to note that the ASEAN Garden stands on a land area that used to constantly flood during the wet season. Now, the presence of the different varieties of trees and plants strengthened the soil that the area no longer floods even during heavy downpours.  Moreover, the ASEAN Garden was one of the spots visited by officials of the different ASEAN embassies during the Philippines’ Chairmanship of the ASEAN in 2006-2007.

The zen-inspired Serenity Garden is designed to encourage contemplation and reflection among the employees and students. FAITH Colleges believes that students learn in three ways: (1) through classroom lessons; (2) through integration of values in various subjects; and (3) most importantly, through the environment. The Serenity Garden conveys a strong sense of order, and that there is a natural order of things and a natural law behind everything.

The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary called Mater et Magistra (Mother and Teacher) watches over the entire FAITH Colleges campus from the top of a 30-ft tower located at the College Promenade.

The life-sized Chess Plaza found between the College Promenade and the Multipurpose Covered Court is named after Asia’s first grandmaster Eugene Torre. GM Torre’s latest visit to visit was in December 2019, when FAITH hosted the ASEAN Junior Chess Championship. GM Torre recently made history once again when he got inducted as the first male Asian into the World Chess Hall of Fame by the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

The Multiversity Library is actually a building within a building. It is a building that is built in what was the atrium of the Mabini Hall.

The name of the chapel Mater Fidelium is based on the title Mother of the Church given to Mary by Pope John Paul VI and the Ecumenical Council in 1965.

The images of the Mother of the Faithful and the Crucifix found inside the Mater Fidelium Chapel are not the usual images that you would find in most churches. In the Mother of the Faithful image, Mary stands behind a young Jesus, a teenager instead of a child. It is inspired  by the Madonna and child figure which is currently installed at the Metropolitan Cathedral Christ the King in Liverpool, England. This image is one of a kind in the Philippines as there is no other church that has the image of the Mother of the Faithful as patroness. The Crucifix, on the other hand, shows Jesus not nailed on the cross but instead, he stands in full splendor with his right hand raised, the cross behind him and clothes loosely draped over his shoulders, giving the illusion that Jesus is floating.

To commemorate his 150th birthday, FAITH Colleges donated a larger-than-life bronze statue of Apolinario Mabini to the people of Tanauan City. The statue, a sculpture by renewed artist Julie Lluch, is proudly displayed at the Tanauan City Hall. An exact replica is found in the Mabini Hall, the main building of FAITH Colleges.

There is a second replica of the Mabini statue. In 2015, FAITH Colleges donated to Asan, Guam the life-size Mabini statue as part of an “Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation” between Mabini’s hometown Tanauan and Asan, where he was exiled in 1901. This was made possible through the Department of Foreign of Affairs.

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