A Photo Essay: If These Corners Could Speak

A sense of order

FAITH started with a little more than a single building and a handful of students. Over the years, our community has grown steadily, and so we invested in expanding the campus to meet the growing needs of our community.

The ASEAN Garden was one of the spots visited by officials of the different ASEAN embassies during the Philippines’ Chairmanship of the ASEAN in 2006-2007.

The ASEAN Garden in 2021
The ASEAN Garden in 2006

Today, the ASEAN Garden welcomes students and visitors to the Nuspace Center. At the heart of this garden is the Tempus, an interactive sculpture by artist Juan Sajid Imao that features a geodetically-engineered sundial.

The Nuspace Center, built in 2017, is a four-storey modern structure that features fully air conditioned classrooms, a Reading Room, computer laboratories, Science laboratories, and a multipurpose theater.

The Garden Campus is all abloom

FAITH Colleges believes that students learn in three ways: (1) through classroom lessons; (2) through integration of values in various subjects; and (3) most importantly, through the environment. Apart from the ASEAN Garden, the campus also features Zen-inspired gardens such as the Serenity Garden to encourage contemplation and reflection among the employees and students. They convey a strong sense of order, an important lesson by itself—there is a natural order of things and a natural law behind it.

The Administration Building was recently given a refresh to include the new Registrar’s Office, bookstore, Community Center, among others. In 2019, a bridge was constructed to connect the Administration Building to the Nuspace Center.

Main Gate 2001

This was how the entrance to FAITH Colleges looked like 20 years ago.

Main Gate 2021

Today, the Main Gate (formerly referred to as North Gate) boasts of a canopy walk that showcases the Wall of Fame featuring our board passers and other student achievers.

A building within a building. Back then, the Mabini Hall featured an airy atrium that served as the center stage for many academic events. In the years that followed, a building was erected within the atrium, which is now the three-level Multiversity Library that houses the school’s incredible collection of more than 18,000 general collections, Filipiniana, general reference, multimedia, journal, and magazine titles.
Multiversity Library 2021

The Mabini Hall, then and now.  Standing as the main building of FAITH Colleges, the Mabini Hall was completed in 2001, a year after the groundbreaking. It is a four-level building that features fully air-conditioned classrooms and computer and science laboratories for the Tertiary Schools. In 2007, the Mater Fidelium Chapel was built, serving as the cornerstone of the Mabini Hall—a symbol of FAITH Colleges’ values and spiritual formation.  


The same spot today. The top photo shows part of the campus way back in 2001,
during the first foundation anniversary celebration.

Fast forward two decades later—this is how the same, exact spot looks like today.


Neatly arranged are the clusters of low-rise buildings called the FAITH Student Residence Halls; a spacious car park; and the ASEAN Garden.

Serenity Garden 2021
Serenity Garden 2003

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body. The campus of FAITH Colleges is designed in a way that allows students to lead a balanced academic life. The campus balances the use of space, nature, and structures, providing comfort for students after a hectic day. Clean and orderly, the campus imparts a sense of order while the lush gardens offer a  refreshing escape where students can reflect in peace and quiet. 

Fresh Corners

Spots and corners to revisit and explore. 1. The Multipurpose Covered Court
and Concourse. 2. The Chapel of Mater Fidelium—Mother of the Faithful, Mother of FAITH. 3. Nuspace Center. 4. Space Lounge, a futuristic-looking facility that is the food court of senior high school and college students, is found just before the
Administration Building.

An incredible transformation

This is FAITH Colleges today—a five hectare development complete with fully-wired, state-of-the-art buildings, facilities for sports, extracurricular activities, and school functions such as the indoor sports arena, covered basketball court, a football field, chess plaza, multipurpose halls, and more. 

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