Welcome to the Home of the Bravehearts

FAITH Colleges commemorated its 21st Foundation Day with a Thanksgiving celebration
of the Eucharist on 08 September 2021 broadcasted online via livestream from the
Mater Fidelium Chapel. The following is the full text of the Homily delivered by Rev. Fr.
Rogelio Maynardo T. Beredo Jr.

People dream. In fact, I believe that it is safe to say that all of us here dream of something. It may be a dream house, a dream car, a dream career… to dream BIG… besides, as most of us would say, DREAMS are for free.

But a dream will always be a dream unless we act on it…

Today, as we celebrate the 21 years anniversary of your school, it is,  but important to go back to the past, not to dwell on it, but to learn from it.

The founders had shown that the school is indeed the home of the brave of heart, for they would not have come this far if they had not bravely taken the challenge and acted on it head on.

They acted on what they believed in. Setting aside their fears as they continuously worked hard to get to where you are right now. We have witnessed that dreams can indeed be a reality.

In life, it is certain that we will face a challenge, not to break us but to push us to see what we are really capable of doing. A chance to see our fullest potential. A continuous opportunity for all of us to grow. For in every problem that we face is always a window given by God to receive His abundant blessings. We should not grow weary in doing good. Let our Father show us that He is in charge and will never leave those who truly believe in Him, most especially when we feel like giving up.

Sometime when things get tough, especially now that we are in a time full of uncertainties, all we need to do is to take a step back and see that our Father is faithful to those who remain in Him. That there are many things that we should be thankful for that we do not see, when we lose focus because of the stumbling blocks in front of us. That we have always hurdled even life’s most difficult problems when we never lost sight of what we wanted to achieve.

Let us be thankful that the School did not stop to dream of a better future, never giving up, not only for the school, but for the teachers, students, parents and the whole community as well. That they continue to act on their true and noble calling, to educate and inspire the youth despite the difficulties.

Let us not forget to be thankful that our dear teachers never lost the will and dedication to be true educators especially during this pandemic year.

Let us also thank the parents that they continue to be partners in molding the students in pursuing excellence and untiringly teach their children the values of being good Christians in every aspect of their lives.

And above all, let us give thanks to our God for all the blessings He has given us, whenever and wherever we need them… even much, much, more than what we truly deserve.

In every downfall, we either stay down or pick up ourselves up. It is always our choice. But as true children of God, we know that God’s provisions are always enough. That there is no other way but to move forward.

Do not stop dreaming. That is the start of greater things to happen. For when we dream, we give ourselves hope that things will always be better and for the better, regardless of the difficulties, because with God, those are just temporary setbacks. Letting God be the principal author of our lives.

Today is no different from what it was 21 years ago,  and with the same faith as what the School truly stand for, we will again witness God’s love and provisions as we work together towards another productive and fruitful year.


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