Resonant Frequency


Resonant Frequency


We live in an age of unprecedented access.

Take FAITH Colleges, for instance. Last I checked there exist a dizzying number of options to stay connected with FAITH. You can visit our webpage. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Check us out on Instagram. Read or hear about us in the news. Or maybe even drop by the school just to see how things are going (about which: if you do, please make sure to say, “Hello!”).

Which begs the obvious question: with so many channels available where anyone can already learn about the school, why come out with another one?

It’s a good question. And here is the simple answer:

Why not?

In an age of unprecedented access, what we need is more communication, not less. We need not just more connection, but a sense of meaningful connectedness—that there is more that brings us together than drives us apart. We share the same values. Partake in the same mission. Have the same ideals. Most importantly, we belong to one community in FAITH Colleges.

What you hold in your hands is a celebration of that community. It’s meant to be one of the threads that ties us all together—not the only one by any means but an important one. It’s also a work in progress. We hope to reach you quarterly to highlight some of the good news that FAITH Colleges is doing and to explore these at our leisure. We also hope to share our humble point of view every now and then about things that matter to the institution, because we believe if these things matter to us then they must matter to you, too.

Far from being a cliche, an “official” publication for FAITH Colleges has renewed relevance in an age of unprecedented access. It remains a fast-changing world out there, one which we will all learn to understand and navigate together as one community.
Welcome to the Sentinel.

Brian L. Belen, PhD